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Innovative Integration Completes SharePoint Replication Project in one of the largest Oil and Gas Company in Pakistan.


















Proposed Solution at a Glance

Business Advantages of DocAve Replicator

Enable effective collaboration across geographically distributed locations

Replicate content in real-time over limited bandwidths, ensuring even disconnected users have 24x7 access to the most up-to-date business critical information.

Easily maintain standardized documents across multiple farms

Using two-way replication, users are assured that they are accessing and editing the same version of an item across multiple SharePoint environments.

Replicate content during production hours

Throttle control allows replication processes to be scheduled and executed without consuming essential network bandwidth. Select incremental replications and byte-level differencing to limit the amount of content transferred.

Perform offline replication between location

Store replication data on a local or network drive for offline replication. Physically move data from one location to another even when network connections do not exist.

Selectively manage configurations, content, and securities from a single location

You can replicate content, configurations, securities, and users granularly or in bulk to multiple destinations at once.

The Challenge

The Leading Oil and Gas Company wanted to keep the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server information current and same to collaborate in virtual teams across their geographical separated locations. The comprehensive replication solution for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is therefore required that could perform user transparent real time, scheduled full or incremental replication among their MOSS Servers located at different locations, so that the users could access the current published information on their LAN rather than crossing a low bandwidth WAN link with high latency and delay. The replication solution should keep the information updated across the different sites and manage its accessibility locally to increase user’s productivity.

The AvePoint® Solution

The DocAve Replicator delivers by providing the industry's most comprehensive synchronization solution, with customizable conflict-resolution tools, robust bandwidth and network traffic controls, and variable off line replication capabilities. DocAve Replicator provides administrators with the ability to replicate all of these elements from one location to multiple destinations with in a single SharePoint environment, or across multiple SharePoint farms.

DocAve Replicator is an essential tool for performing full fidelity replication, synchronization and management of SharePoint content, configurations and securities. Using Replicator, SharePoint administrators can perform both real-time and regularly scheduled synchs of SharePoint data, ensuring that all users will access the same content–in the same way–from any replicated environment. For added flexibility, DocAve Replicator can be used to select the most up-to-date content as a standard across multiple environments, or it can be used to replicate configurations and securities to new sites.

DocAve Replicator provides administrators with the ability to replicate all of these elements one-way, two-way, or one-to-many, with in a single SharePoint environment, or across multiple SharePoint farms—even over an extranet.




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Template-Based Replication

Granularly propagate selected settings and configurations, and create mapping/settings profiles to standardize replication across your SharePoint environment.

Backup Before Replication

Replicate data with out worrying about overwriting content by using “backup before replication.” Similar to an undo function, this will revert the altered content to its original state.

Increase Replication Speed with Concurrent Processing

Configure up to five concurrent threads to optimize efficiency with parallel replication of content across geographically dispersed locations. 

Throttle Control and Offline Replication

Optimize bandwidth usage via throttle control with connection retry. Replication can also be executed offline by scheduling export and import of data files overtime


Technical Advantages of DocAve Replicator

One-to-Many Replication

Recreate content, configurations, and securities from a single “master” SharePoint environment to multiple farms, controlled via an intuitive drag-and-drop GUI.

Live or Scheduled Replication

Perform live, real-time replication, with customizable triggers (including item update or deletion, list schema changes, etc.). To conserve bandwidth, perform scheduled migrations down to the 15-minute increment.

Byte-Level Differencing

Transfer only the updated data blocks as opposed to the entire content file to significantly reduce the a mount of data to replicate, further limiting the impact on your system’s over all performance while increasing the speed of replication. DocAve’s use of change-log technology means optimized replication speeds are achieved, as only modified data is scanned.

Two-Way Replication   

Keep data uniform on multiple SharePoint farms or locations using the two-way replication feature. Data added or altered from one location will automatically be updated in the alternate locations in real-time or according to a customizable schedule. Rule-based and manual conflict resolution options–with email notification–means only appropriate data sets are replicated.